Friday, February 01, 2013


Mia had to skip her shot last Friday night because she came down with a fever right after school and, as we've been informed by her rheum, "You can't give a shot when a fever is present." So, I paged her rheum and she said to give it to her Sunday or Monday if her fever was gone.

Well, Monday rolled around and she still had a fever - lower than when it began, but a fever was still present. So, I emailed her doc and she said to skip it for this week and resume on Friday (today).

After having a week off, she woke up this morning a little upset knowing what today is - Shot Day. I understand - I am not the one getting the shot, but I am the one giving it. And, it was really nice to have a week off. Despite the fever she had, really nice.

So, I am doing her shot today when she gets out of school because we have something to go to tonight which conflicts with when she would usually get her shot (7pm). And, here's my plan: 1) Convince her to just "get it out of the way" so she can enjoy the weekend. 2) Extra hugs today (we will both need them). 3) Provide chocolate cupcakes (gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, soy-free) afterwards because chocolate always helps!

Shot Day is never fun, but I am doing my best to take the "sting" out of things and make it happier for her. So, we are overcoming by changing our outlook - making this better, happier, and yummier during this not-so-fun day. I am proud of my brave girl!

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Heather, MI said...

Good job Dana! You are doing an amazing job with the kids.